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 Master Hups - USTF Demonstration Team Demo at the Denver Coliseum  

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Demo at the Westminster Summer Celebration, June 2012

Westminster Faire Demo - July 31, 2011

 Color belts show their new certificates and belts, along with their fellow class members - March 24, 2011

City of Westminster honors Master Hups' 20 years of service teaching TaeKwon-Do
Matt Hess, Master Hups, Peggy Boccard

December 2009 - Everyone who tested, from yellow to black belt, shows off their new certificates

December 2009 - It's official! New 1st and 2nd Dan black belts receive their certificates

                  September 2009 - Master Hups with proud, new yellow belts (Aubrey, Martin, Jonathan, and Jordan)

Summer Camp August 2009 - Gunnison, CO  -
Everyone  lines up under crystal blue skies

                                                                                          A little clowning around at camp


                        Cory Elston (in red pads) takes the Silver Medal in Sparring at the U.S.T.F. National Championships in June 2009


                                 Cory also took the Bronze Medal in Specialty Breaking at the 2009 U.S.T.F. National Championships


         Cory competing in patterns at the 2009 U.S.T.F. Nationals                     Cory and Mr. Elston with Grand Master Sereff and Master Sereff

                                                                                       June 2009 - Four new black belts!


           Mr. Good's technique shows during his 3rd Dan Testing '08                          Two students during a 2nd Dan Testing


                         Annual Summer Camp in the Mountains!                                              Who says working out can't be fun?!


             The Elston's (Father and Son) at World Camp '08           "Moral Cultural Training" in the icy cold mountain waters of Grand Lake


                                                   Taekwon Do Class is not all just working out - the 2008 Halloween Party


                    "More Power!  Get those kick higher!"                                              Red Belts work on their flying kicks


                 Mr. Elston prepares to break at his 2nd Dan Testing                          There goes Mr. Good flying again at his 3rd Dan Testing!


              Caleb and Brooke with some proud instructors                                   A flying twin foot break at the moment of impact


                                                                Master Hups instructing the red and high red belts                       


             Two Students face off during a color belt test                    Yellow belts being tested for their knowledge           


                               Amber got her Green Belt!                                                             Caleb got his High Red Belt


                           Caleb and Brooke during High Red Belt testing                       


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