My fight for National Championship

Hi, I’m the kid going to the USTF National Championships for Hups Taekwon Do. I have been doing Taekwon Do for about six years. In December of 2008 I tested for my second Dan black belt. One of my biggest goals is to go to the USTF National Championships of 2009 in
Kelso, Washington. The first time this idea popped in to my head was when my parents told me that Master Hups said that I should go to nationals. When I first heard that he said that I was sort of amazed. But as I thought about it I thought it would be a fun and big achievement in my life. So, I’m going for it.


The first thing I did was start weight lifting and doing lots of cardio workouts. I’ve done as many tournaments as I could. I’ve done well in the tournaments so far, placing first in all but one for sparring.  In October I started to go to a fight class at Sereff’s Taekwon Do. The class is every first and third Friday of the month. I have learned a lot from sparing with the Rose’s. They have taught me a lot but, I still know very little compared to them.


My dad surprised me last year when he told me that we were going to the USTF World Camp at the Snowy Mountain Ranch YMCA in 2008. I was so excited to go. When we were up there it was so much fun. The first night we got there a little late so Master Sereff wrote us a note saying to meet them in the Commons area. Well that was a bad sign that the woman who was in charge of it had to write us a note. The schedule started with waking up at 6:30am getting cleaned up and dressed in our Taekwon do uniforms. Then we would stretch for a half an hour. At 9:00 lunch would start and end at 12:00pm. Next at 12:30pm we would workout in the gym with Grand Master Sereff for an hour. After that we would go to the chapel. At the chapel we would workout with four different instructors every day from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  We would rest for an hour and then we could eat dinner. Last we would all get together and havefun.


In November, we did a demo for the Denver Roller Dolls half time show. We did three different segments one to each song. In the fist song we did Pou-won to the beat of music in a really big circle.  Next, was a song from a James Bond movie Live and Let Die. We did Ho Sin Sul for the whole the song. The first part was with weapons (sticks). After that six smaller groups came out and started to fight. At the end every one died except Amber, Master Hups’s daughter, who stood on Alex’s chest. Our last song was by Ozzy Osborne. We broke around ONE HUNDRED boards. WOW! One hundred boards in two minutes is a lot of wood. Each board is ten inches  by twelve inches and is a one inch thick piece of pine.


Now you know my life up to now. Or at lest all the stuff of my Taekwon Do life up to now. Please read my other blog entries that I will make in the future.

                         By: Cory – a kid going to national championships