Quality instruction is essential to developing a student's maximum potential.  Traditional TaeKwon-Do Alliance, Hups TaeKwon-Do and Westview TaeKwon-Do are proud of the high quality of their instructors.  Few martial arts classes are actually taught by a 9th Dan Grand Master Blackbelt (the highest rank possible) and few others will have as high ranking and experienced instructors as in these classes.  The results of this instruction is shown not only by the large number of medals our students win at tournaments but by the character, integrity and enthusiasm demonstrated by our students.  
We are both grateful and proud of all of our students!


  Master Kent Hups -- IX Dan Black Belt

Grand Master Kent Hups has been practicing TaeKwon-Do for over 45 years and has been teaching classes for nearly 40 of those years.   He studied under Grand Master Sereff, one of the original American ninth degree black belts, and has also been personally instructed by General Choi himself (the founder of TaeKwon-Do).   There are very few instructors in the United States who have ever been instructed by the General and fewer yet have the knowledge base that Grand Master Hups has!

 Mr. Kenton Good -- IV Dan Black Belt

Mr. Good is the Head Instructor at the West View class.  He started his TaeKwon-Do career over 20 years ago.  Known for his outstanding technique, speed and flying kicks, Mr. Good has applied his expertise as the head instructor of our Pee Wee class in the past and as the assistant instructor in the main class at the MAC Center.   In addition to being an instructor, he is also the primary instructor for the TTA's kicking seminars and has participated in numerous Ho Sin Sul's, other Seminars and TaeKwon-Do Demonstrations at The Denver Coliseum, The Bladium and at Westy Fest in Westminster.  

Ms. Adrienne Harness -- IV Dan Black Belt

Ms. Harness is an Assistant Instructor at the MAC class and has been involved in TaeKwon-Do since 2007, studying under Master Hups since 2010. She has been an instructor for several years and earned her IV Dan Blackbelt in 2018.  Previously the Head Instructor at the West View class, she is working to earn her 5th Dan Black belt.  She is also the Chief Referee at TTA sanctioned tournaments.   Learning a martial art has always been a dream of hers and being able to teach and share the knowledge with others now is a joy for her.

  Mr. Jim Heyl -- III Dan Black Belt

Mr. Heyl is the Assistant Instructor at the Westview class. He tested for his III Dan black belt in 2017 and, after nearly a decade as a student, has been an active instructor since 2016.  Mr. Heyl is currently working on his 4th Dan Black Belt and will be testing soon. He has shown his skills as an excellent Ho Sin Sul partner on many occasions and has been an active participant in the class's public TaeKwon-Do demonstrations.  Mr. Heyl enjoys instructing both children and adults and takes an active interest in their success!

    Ron Elston -- V Dan Black Belt

Mr. Elston is an Assistant Instructor at the MAC class and has been a student of Grand Master Hups for almost 20 years  One of his lifetime goals was to achieve his Black Belt in a martial art and, thanks to training with Grand Master Hups and a lot of hard work, he accomplished that goal in 2006.  He is a proud member of the Traditional TaeKwon-Do Alliance Demonstration Team and is currently a 5th Dan Black Belt.  Mr. Elston particularly enjoys helping students gain the knowledge and skill needed to do things they never thought possible.  Their fun and successes help motivate him to continue striving forward in the art.

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