1st Dan Black Belt Testing Checklist


·         Participate in a tournament as a red belt.

·         Work out regularly for six months as a high red belt.

·         Complete 20 hours of community service and be prepared to have someone who knows about the work sign a form (part of application package).

·         Attend USTF class C referee course (14 years of age and up) (about $60).

·         Plan and practice breaks – start eight weeks before testing.

·         Order new uniform if needed (order about eight weeks before testing) (about $75).

·         Select a partner and practice Ho Sin Sul routine with partner – start four weeks before testing.

·         Plan advanced one-step step sparring (at least 5 sets of attacks and counterattacks).

·         Take photo to submit with application.

·         Study for written test on ALL white book content.

·         Complete application form and turn in with photo.

·         Pay testing fee (about $200).


Testing Requirements

Testing will include any or all of the following:

·         1st Dan kicks and hand techniques listed in the white book and lower rank kicks and hand techniques

·         Choong-Moo and lower rank patterns

·         Advanced one-step sparring

·         Advanced semi-free sparring

·         No-contact free sparring

·         Ho sin sul routine – 10 moves

·         Breaks – power foot, power hand, and technical

·         Written test on white book content

After Passing Test:

            ·         Order embroidered belt (about $40).

·         Pay annual dues (about $65, plus about $30 annual maintenance).

·         Pay about $10 per month for class.



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