Class Information


Students and instructors at Hups TaeKwon-Do in January, 2011


Class Schedule

Classes are held at the MAC Center on Tuesday's and Thursday's.    Class is for all ages and begins at 6:15pm and ends at 7:45pm. You should be in your uniform and ready to go before class begins.  Each class starts with stretching exercises so you do not need to stretch before class unless you wish to.  The classes are run through the City of Westminster and registration for the classes can be completed online or at The MAC center or any Westminster Recreation Center.   The classes are scheduled every month but the TaeKwon-Do teachings are continuous...meaning that you will continue building on your training in each successive  monthly class cycle.  This is important since it takes a minimum of three months training and competency to be eligible to test for advancement to the next belt level.   The monthly charge for the class is dictated by the City of Westminster and is very low compared to most classes.  Click here to see if class has been cancelled due to weather, holidays or other reasons.

Class Etiquette

Class etiquette (manners) is a very important aspect of TaeKwon-Do.   TaeKwon-Do is a para-military discipline and as such, certain classroom (Do-Jang) requirements are maintained.   While common courtesy combined with common sense should be exercised, other manners will be maintained as well.   These may vary slightly between Do-Jangs but the fundamentals are the same and our friendly instructors will help you learn ours over time.   However, here are a few that you should know immediately:

  • Refer to others by Mr/Mrs/Ms if you know their last name.  If it is not known, refer to people as Sir or Ma'am.
  • Always stand at attention, then bow into the Do-Jang when entering or exiting.

  • Stand at attention when addressing someone of senior rank - even those younger than yourself.

  • Never argue with your seniors or instructors.   Discussions can occur after class with a sense of mutual respect.
  • Remain focused and in a "listening mode" when in conversation.   No fidgeting, talking or disrupting the class!

  • Remember, common courtesy and common sense will never get you into trouble.

  • Follow the Golden Rule.

Uniforms (Do-Baks)

This is easy...when working out, we require participants to wear clean, properly maintained Do-Baks.   However, we recommend that new students wait a while before purchasing a Do-Bak to see if they enjoy class and wish to stay with TaeKwon-Do.  The Do-Bak is an additional expense -- discuss Do-Bak information with your instructor (sizes, prices, etc).   Also, please do not wear any jewelry (rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, etc).   It's not that we don't like jewelry, it's just to prevent it from getting broken and to prevent any unwanted injuries.  Your Do-Bak cannot be worn as a Halloween costume!  That would be a sign of disrespect.

Class Testings

Once you feel you have mastered the requirements for advancing, at least 3 months through most color belt ranks, you must ask permission of your instructor to test for the next level (belt rank.)  Testing is very exciting and you will be supported and cheered on by all of the other students, instructors and your family! Testing is NOT a is a privilege...and one that should not be taken lightly.   The testings are a chance for you to show your proficiencies in front of other students, a testing board (consisting of black belts), your friends and family members (remember to invite them in advance!).  While not required, students find it helpful to purchase a copy of the Testing Syllabus.  Talk to your instructor about availability.

A Black Belt testing

Colorbelt testings typically occur during the normal class time second week of the month in March, June, September and December.   There is an additional fee associated with testing that varies based on the belt rank for which you are testing.  Black belts tests are held on Saturday's.

For additional information regarding testings, fees, etc., please talk with your instructors.

Class Banquets

In an attempt to enjoy your successful testing and make it even more memorable, our class usually has a banquet approximately twice per year about 2 weeks after testing.   It's a great way to relax, chat with others, and take pride in your success.   At the banquet, you will receive your advancement certificates and belts.   In addition, the senior ranks often get together prior to the banquet and discuss which students have demonstrated, through their actions in and outside of class, the tenets of TaeKwon-Do -- remember Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit?  If they have felt you have really demonstrated one or more of these, you may also receive recognition for this at our banquets.

The dress code for students at banquets is casual street clothes but they should be neat and clean.  Do NOT wear your uniform at banquets.  Students receiving certificates should not be dressed sloppily or too casually!


There are also several tournaments held by different TaeKwon-Do organizations and classes each year.  These are exciting and well organized one day events where you will have a chance to compete against others with similar rank as you in patterns, sparring and in some cases board breaking or team patterns.  You can choose which of these events you wish to compete or you can compete in all three.   It is a great opportunity to meet people from other classes and develop new friendships and bonds with others who are enjoying the same experience as you!  Hups TaeKwon-Do students are known to be great competitors and win many awards at virtually every tournament they enter.  

Students in the class are highly encouraged to participate in at least one tournament each year (they are a ton of fun so more tournaments is even better!).  Each year the Traditional TaeKwon-Do Alliance holds its annual Championship Tournament.  It is a tournament open to other ITF style TaeKwon-Do classes.

Patterns are one of the key events during a tournament you will be able to compete in if you wish.  In a patterns competition, two competitors will each perform their pattern simultaneously.  A panel of judges will determine which competitor completed the pattern best with the fewest mistakes and that competitor will be able to continue by competing against the winners of the other matches.  Judges will be looking for such things as good technique, power, correct balance and timing among other things.  One of the great things about patterns is that you can practice your patterns at home or the office at just about any time - you don't have to wait for class to practice!

A Patterns Competition at a Tournament

To compete in sparring, you will need to have a complete set of regulation pads (hands, feet and helmet), a mouth guard and boys and men are required to wear a cup.   Most of this equipment can be purchased directly through the class or at many other locations including the internet.  Your instructors will be able to help you find the right equipment.  You do not need to have pads to participate in non-contact sparring in regular classes although it is strongly advised to get pads for controlled contact if you wish to have the most fun!

 Sparring at a juniors tournament

Once you have reached a minimum level of age, competency and rank, you will be able to practice breaking boards (1" thick pine) in class.  These are real boards that are not easily broken and require both proper technique and power to break.  Many other martial arts organizations use 1/4" wood or balsa wood for breaking but you will gain the knowledge, technique and power you need to break real boards.  It is amazing to watch a young student do something they never thought they could when they break their first board!  Some tournaments include board breaking competitions and it is a great opportunity to show what you have learned to do.  Generally, you will have the opportunity to break as many boards as you can both with your feet and your hands using specific breaking techniques.  You'll know how many to try by your successes in class so you will be well prepared for this event.  Our instructors will be there to guide you and make recommendations on this.

Board Breaking at a Tournament

Dress Code for Tournaments and Class Testings 

There are specific dress codes and rules of etiquitte to follow when you are at a tournament or a testing.  When competing in any tournament, a clean, pressed sanctioned uniform with all appropriate patches must be worn.  

If you are not competing but will be helping those who are running the tournament or on the competition floor to coach a competitor, you will need to be in "dress blues" - black pants (not jeans), a light blue collared dress shirt, blue tie and black athletic shoes.    

Whether you are testing, judging or just observing, the dress code at color belt testings, is your normal class uniform cleaned and pressed.  At Black Belt testings, only the students who are testing and those who will be participating in the testing as a Ho Sin Sul partner or step sparring partner should wear their class uniform.  You will be informed if that is the case.  All other students should wear their "dress blues".

Students should follow the rules of etiquette very closely at both tournaments and testings.  Particularly when there are Master or senior level instructors present.  Always remember to end a question or answer with "Sir" or "Ma'am".  Do not interrupt when seniors are talking.  Come to attention as you approach a senior and wait to be acknowledged before speaking if they are in conversation with someone else.  Do not be too casual when around senior ranks or you may find yourself doing push-ups!

Taekwon-Do Demos

These are REALLY fun!  Hups TaeKwon-Do has a long history of participating in the demonstration of the art of TaeKwon-Do at public events.  Members our class have participated in demonstrations during half-time events at the Denver Coliseum, the Bladium and in local city fairs in front of audiences as large as 3500 people.  Students from just about every rank can participate so, if you practice hard and get Grand Master Hups' permission, you may be able to be in the next demo as well!

 The 2017 TTA Demonstration Team


 Community Service

Community Service is an important part of TaeKwon-Do.   By helping improve our communities, we in turn, become better people.   This is so important...a certain number of community service hours are required for each black belt degree.   We feel that community service is a personal thing, therefore, you can choose what you feel provides the most reward for your community and you!    Each year we decide on some type of charity that we will focus on during the holiday season.   Some of our past projects include sending Christmas cards to the elderly and adopting a family for Christmas.   We are always looking for additional things we can do to help build a more peaceful world, so please bring in your ideas for community service.  Community service is a great opportunity to practice what we learn from the Tenets of TaeKwon-Do!


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