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Hups TaeKwon-Do performs demonstrations of the art and power of TaeKwon-Do several times each year.  Master Hups managed the United States TaeKwon-Do Federation Demonstration Team during the 2007 half-time demo at the Denver Coliseum which was for an audience of over 3500 while a crowd of over 1000 were present for the 2008 demo at the Bladium.   These are a great opportunity's for students to have fun and show what they can do!


                       Master Hups really does know how to fly!                    The Ultimate in Control (and trust!)

Westminster Faire Demo - August 2009

              Brooke and Caleb show their sparring                           High red belts demonstrate the pattern for black belt testing   

Westminster Summer Celebration Demo - June 2009

White and yellow belts show their patterns

Young students demonstrate no-contact sparring
Bladium Demo - November 1, 2008


    Amber takes control of Master Hups during the 2008 Bladium Demo                    Mr. Good Flying again during the 2008 Bladium Demo


2008 United States TaeKwon-Do Federation Demonstration Team at the Bladium


        Alex, Caleb & Brian before the Bladium Demo in 2008                Master Hups while having boards broken on his chest


                      One of the Ho Sin Sul's during the Bladium Demo                                     Mr. Good sparring during the Bladium Demo

   2007 United States Taekwon Do Demonstration Team at the Denver Coliseum     


      Demo team for a demonstration in Westminster in 2006             


  At Hups Taekwon Do the Juniors learn control too!     Bryan and Tristan free sparing at a Demo in 2006 


    Tristan breaking with a flying kick at a demo in 2006       Nicholas at the demo at Westminster Faire                     

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