New Videos on the site!

November 6, 2009
If you haven't seen them yet, check out the new videos of the past couple big demos at the Denver Coliseum and the Bladium!

Great Banquet!

April 10, 2009
Thanks everyone for being part of a great banquet on Tuesday night.  It's truly a pleasure to see so many of you involved and supporting our students who recently tested.  The food was awesome too!  Thanks again and I'll see you in class.

Master Hups

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My fight for National Chamionships

February 14, 2009

My fight for National Championship

Hi, I’m the kid going to the USTF National Championships for Hups Taekwon Do. I have been doing Taekwon Do for about six years. In December of 2008 I tested for my second Dan black belt. One of my biggest goals is to go to the USTF National Championships of 2009 in
Kelso, Washington. The first time this idea popped in to my head was when my parents told me that Master Hups said that I should go to nationals. When I first heard that he said that I was sort...

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Hups Taekwon Do Blog

January 24, 2009

please add you thoughts about the class and ways it can be improved. if you a member of the class tell us what you like about it. Send ideas to

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